Welcome to Jade Art  The website dedicated to the Jade Plant and Jade Plant Care.

My name is Mal and horticulture is my life. I've been working in this industry for over 50 years and it’s time to move into the digital era.  Over the last ten years or so I have with my wife Jan been collecting, evaluating and developing a better understanding of Jade plants.  The web page covers both Crassula and Portulacaria. The page is designed to give a better understanding of varieties available, their use and care.  Changing lifestyles, smaller backyards or no backyards at all, units, townhouses, villas, create opportunities for broader Jade use.

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Jade Plant - Overview

Do you need more information and advice on how best to look after your Jade Plant? Then click here to find out more

Gift Ideas

Are you looking for that perfect gift? Jade plants are versatile, easy to look after and make fantastic presents.

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