The Jade Collection


The Jade Collection

Jades are tough, resilient, unfussy plants with remarkable water storage capacities and survival skills. Jades comes in a range of shapes and sizes with leaves that can be yellow, red & green, two toned cream & green. Foliage develops a red blush during the year under dry or stressful conditions.

Common Names:
Jade Plant, Money Tree, Lucky Plant, Friendship Plant, Tree of Happiness, Dollar Plant & Penny Plant.
Botanical/Scientific Names:
Crassula ovata, Crassula, Portulacea, Crassula argentea & Crassula arborescens

Jade plants are considered to bring good fortune to the home and office.

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Jade Plant - Overview

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Gift Ideas

Are you looking for that perfect gift? Jade plants are versatile, easy to look after and make fantastic presents.

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