Jade Plant Care


Jade Plant Care

The Jade plant flourishes in good health with plenty of light.  Full sun to a spectrum of morning sun to partial shade to just bright light.  When grown indoors, moderate to bright light.  JADE TREE’S will experience sunburn if they are moved from subdued lighting to full sun. Acclimatise gradually.

Protect from heavy frost.  Ideal 5◦C upwards.

Water regularly and thoroughly and allow soil to dry completely between watering.  The plants need more during the active growing period of spring and summer.  The plants rest in winter and need less water particularly when conditions are cool. There are many factors to consider with watering, size of plant, position, time of year.  The golden rule – Don’t over water, remember the plants ability to store water in the leaves.

Multiple of choices, slow release, organic or liquid.  Commercial growers use combinations of 3-4 months, 5-6 months, 8-9 months depending on container size, often topping up and using organics as a top dress or alternatively supplementing with a liquid feed.  Usually good Garden Centres offer free advice for your particular area and intended use of plants.

YES IT”S TRUE – there are potting mixes and there are potting mixes.  Unfortunately price plays a part and in today’s competitive market the more you pay the better the mix tends to be.  Potting mixes with some mineral content, sharp sand, ash, zeolite give longer life and tend to maintain structural integrity of the mix longer and therefore less frequent potting.  Remember good drainage holes in containers plays a part in the success of a healthy plant. Garden – A good free drainage site.
Repotting – Repot Spring and summer when the plant becomes root bound or the soil needs renewing. It is advisable to not over pot, go up in pot size gradually.

Trim Jades in spring or summer, this simply results in a faster recovery from the trim than any other time of the year, the plants are in active growth.  New growth can be continuously pinched out to encourage stronger lower growth.  Leaf size is reduced with regular pruning.  Never seal pruning wounds, leave pruning wounds open and allow to dry naturally.

Leaves change colour, this is a simple process. The colour in the leaves is referred to as anthocyanin a liquid pigment stored as a plant protectant, the colour in the leaf comes and goes.  Temperature, dryness and available nutrients all play a part in leaf colour and anthocyanin movement.

Not a lot goes wrong with Jades. As you can see with the information provided these plants are very easy to maintain, however the more you see to its basic needs the better and stronger it will grow.

Rotting at the base together with wilting of the plant top is probably due to overwatering or to poor drainage.
Brown shrivelled patches on leaves indicate inadequate watering.
JADE is sometimes attacked by Mealy Bugs. See your local nursery or plant supplier for an appropriate insecticide for control and remember to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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